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Wednesday, September 19, 2001
Much has been written about the shadowy and faceless nature of the terrorists that butchered Americans last week. We need to remember that these evildoers are not phantoms, they operate in the real world and leave tracks. In today's New York Times, U.S. Gen Anthony C. Zinni makes the excellent point that in combating Osama bin Laden and his terrorists,"You need to go after the network that is collecting money, his investments in legitimate companies, the laundering of money, and the banks that look the other way."

These terrorists have been spending thousands of dollars on intercontinental flights, flying lessons and supporting and coordinating their operations. Federal authorities should do their best to find the sources of these funds and shut them down. We should demand that countries harboring the financial foundations of terrorism seize the assets and freeze the accounts. Maximum pressure and sanctions should be applied to any government that refuses to help stop the financing of mass murder. This is just one of the ways we should be draining the swamps.