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Thursday, September 26, 2002
Republicans are shocked, shocked (channeling Claude Raines in Casablanca) that Senator Daschle has interpreted President Bush's remarks that the Democratic controlled Senate is "not interested in the security of the American people" as a slur on the Democrats' patriotism. Expressing surprise that anyone would interpret Bush's statements as being negative:

The White House and Republicans insisted that the president's criticisms addressed just the fight over labor regulations that has stalled legislation for the proposed [Homeland Security] department, not Iraq policy.

In other words, Bush is only claiming that Democratic Senators are "not interested" in protecting Americans from terrorism on American soil, not that they are not interested in protecting America from Iraq. That's their defense of Bush's slurs on Democrats' patriotism?!

At times like these, I wonder if the Bush administration even bothers to think about what it is actually saying. I guess it's unrealistic to hope that Bush and his administration will listen to substantive critiques of their policies when they apparently don't even listen to what they themselves are saying.

Daschle is right. This is outrageous.