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Tuesday, October 08, 2002
WHAT'S THAT SMELL?: As predicted by the Self Made Pundit last week, the United States Supreme Court refused to accept New Jersey Republicans' appeal seeking to block former Senator Frank Lautenberg from replacing Senator Robert Torricelli on the ballot. The Supreme Court disposed of the appeal -- which proudly espoused the "principles" of the shameful Bush v. Gore decision -- as one would discard a stinking fish. The Court undoubtedly had no interest in rekindling criticisms that it is a partisan court that will interfere with state supreme court decisions interpreting state law in order to help the Republican cause.

Even after losing the appeal, however, the campaign of Republican Senatorial candidate Douglas Forrester continues to emit a curious odor as he tries to actually run a campaign against a viable candidate. In the words of Talking Points Memo, Forrester is "campaigning with all the grace and pizzazz of a live fish on a hot griddle." On his first day of reintroducing himself to the voters in his campaign against a new Democratic candidate, Forrester managed to dissemble about his plans to privatize Social Security and insult the elderly with snide comments about whether the 78-year old Lautenberg would be capable of debating him in Forrester-imagined debates of three hours a day for 21 days.

If Forrester is open to some helpful advice, I would recommend that he close his eyes real tight and pretend that he won his appeal to the United States Supreme Court and is now running virtually unopposed. While such a self delusion will not get him elected, neither will his current delusion that he has a chance of being elected Senator. With this new self delusion, Forrester would probably embarass himself less and have a much more pleasant month mouthing platitudes and picking furniture for his imaginary office in Washington.