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Tuesday, November 05, 2002
ELECTION DAY ADVICE: It's finally election day. I had considered recommending that all of you vote, but then I realized that advice would probably be futile.

No, the Self Made Pundit has not received one of those Republican flyers designed to depress the vote and become apathetic. The reason I think such advice would be futile is that the possibility that anyone interested enough in politics to read this weblog is not already planning to vote simply boggles my mind. But, if you are that one special reader, please take my advice and vote today.

For the rest of you, my advice is try to convince some friends and colleagues to vote today. They'll be impressed at your civic mindedness. They'll look at you in a new light and you'll find yourself getting that date, that raise, that bacon cheeseburger you've been dreaming of.

Do whatever little thing you can to increase the turnout today. As I'll discuss in a post a little later this morning, this election will turn on the degree to which the turnout turns out ... to turn a phrase.