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Monday, September 05, 2005

As my regular readers (yes, both of you) know, I've been working hard since November 4, 2004, on my series on the strengths of the Bush administration.

As you can see from my posts of the past 10 months, every day I have written on each positive aspect of the Bush administration that I could think of. Unfortunately, this meant writing absolutely nothing at all.

While some might consider this series to among my best (or at the least the most succinct), I am reluctantly ending it to focus on something of greater import.

Thanks to the most incompetent and uncaring presidential administration ever, Hurricane Katrina was not just a natural disaster, it was a national disgrace. We should all do whatever we can to help out.

Regardless of whether you are one of my regulars checking back to see if there is anything new or whether you have blundered onto this blog through some random Google search, view it as an opportunity to take advantage of the one thing I have done on my blog this year -- inserting the ad for Hurricane Katrina relief to the left.

I was the first to donate to the Red Cross through that ad. You, dear reader, could be the second.

And check back. My conscience might even get me to blogging regularly again to generate some traffic to that ad.

Update [11/15/05]: The Katrina relief ad that was to the left has been removed due to the discontinuance of that campaign. But don't let that stop you from contributing directly to the Red Cross or other relief agencies.