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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It seems hard to believe that any Democratic partisan would take issue with President Obama's seeking to energize the Democratic base for the midterm elections.

Yet that is exactly what some self-styled "moderate" Democrats are doing.

Today's New York Times carries the mostly unremarkable story that President Obama is "is increasingly focused on generating enthusiasm within the base that helped put him in the White House two years ago, from college students to African-Americans."

What is remarkable about the story, however, is the reported response of a group of moderate Democrats who fear that Obama is seeking to energize liberals into voting:

But the White House strategy has generated qualms among some Democratic moderates.

Third Way, an organization of centrist Democrats, produced a study showing that liberals are the smallest share of the electorate and not enough to keep Congress in Democratic hands. Citing Gallup polling data, the study said self-described conservatives made up 42 percent of the electorate, compared with moderates who make up 35 percent and liberals who make up 20 percent, a shift of several points to the right in the last two years.

These muddled moderates are mired in a morass of their own making. Mobilizing the base is a no-brainer.

The way to mobilize the base is talk up the substantial accomplishments the Obama administration has achieved to improve the life of everyday Americans, and Obama's ongoing fight against the Republicans who seek to block efforts to restore the economy for their own political gain. And guess what? This is likely to appeal to all Obama voters -- who outnumbered McCain voters by a 53 to 46 percent margin.

What these self-styled "moderate" Democrats don't realize is that most voters who consider themselves moderates are more interested in results, not ideology. When you talk about fighting to improve the lives of these voters, you are more likely to turn them on -- not off -- regardless of whether the fight is for a liberal or a conservative solution.

Moderate voters are not primarily interested in labels. By focusing on labels, these moderate Democrats of the Third Way show that if there is one thing they don't understand, it's moderate voters.

Monday, October 04, 2010

It turns out that Christine O'Donnell's past flings with witchcraft and Hare Krishnas were just the prelude to her joining a bizarre anti-rationalism cult.

The Self Made Pundit has learned that there is documentary evidence that years ago O'Donnell joined -- and never left -- a mystical cult that is based on magical beliefs. This revelation could prove fatal to her bid to become a U.S. Senator from Delaware, for she is still a member of this strange sect and would presumably seek to advance its retrograde agenda.

This anti-rationalism cult is based on many eccentric beliefs that involve magical thinking, denials of science and outright delusions. For example, these cultists have magical beliefs, apparently based on alchemy, that tax cuts will increase government revenues. They deny a host of scientific findings, from climate change to evolution. And they have myriad delusions, such as that health care reform will usher in a reign of non-existent death panels.

The followers of this cult seek to return to a simpler time before progressive taxation and the Age of Enlightenment, though there appears to be some disagreement as to whether the 15th or the 16th Century is the ideal.

The leaders of this cult are mostly charlatans and quacks seeking to separate the gullible from their dollars and votes. These leaders include a grifter from Alaska, who couldn't manage working at an honest job, various radio pitchmen for bile-based panaceas and behind-the-scenes billionaires in a never ending quest to game the system.

We can expect that the focus on O'Donnell's past experimentations will fade away now that it has been revealed that she currently belongs to this bizarre cult that seeks to impose an anti-rationalist and reactionary agenda on America.